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6-7 JULY 2000


    I found the meeting very stimulating scientifically and have returned with some new ideas for our drug discovery programs. We all learned a great deal about common problems that are occurring world-wide, in addition to hearing about issues that are more critical for your infectious disease community.

Karen Bush


    Please accept my sincere and deep appreciation for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the meeting in Moscow. I can tell you emphatically that not only did I enjoy myself personally, but the professional contacts and discussions that I had with you and with others were extremely interesting and beneficial. The meeting was well organized and the scope of the program was quite complete. From the personal side, I must admit that seldom have I had such a wonderful time and been treated so generously.

Edward Kaplan


    Thank you very much for your hospitality and the opportunity to speak at your fine symposium. I was most impressed by your organization and realize that you will be a major infectious disease figure in Europe. Keep up your good work and give my regards to your talented fellows.

Victor Yu


    Congratulation to your very well organized and stimulating congress. It was a pleasure for me to contribute and support you in your excellent efforts for increasing the scientific standards in Russia.

Hartmut Lode


    Thank you... for the entire meeting – it could not have been better.

George Schmid


    I enjoyed my visit very much and congratulate you and your group on a wonderful meeting.

Stuart Levy


    I am very excited about the success of this first joint IACMAC/ASM event. The IACMAC organizing group from Smolensk provided great leadership, and special thanks are owed to Leonid Stratchounski, IACMAC's President, and his colleague, Roman Kozlov, who is also an ASM Ambassador. ASM believes that the advantages of scientific cooperation and collegiality resulting from collaborative efforts like this one, cannot be overstated. ASM is looking forward to a continuing collaboration with the IACMAC.

Lily Schuermann


    Thank you so very much for a wonderful and enlightening time in Moscow. I thought the meetings were excellent, well coordinated, and very useful to myself. I hope my contribution was useful in return. I thank all of your colleagues who worked so hard to allow a flawless meeting venue. I also thank all those who took care of us and who put so much time into making sure our visit was successful. I can assure you the visit was a success and I heard from many of my colleagues from the U.S. that they were very pleasantly surprised and had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to a continued association with your group and hope that I may be able to participate in next years program in St.Petersburg. Again, thank you very much for the opportunity to visit with you and for the chance for making so many new friends.

Michael Saubolle


    I must thank you for making our first ASM activity in Eastern Europe such a smashing success. All of our speakers were as delighted as I to be able to participate in an enterprise of such high quality. Your efficiency should be the envy of anyone doing business in Russia. More than for just the marvelous arrangements, I would like also to thank you and your IACMAC colleagues for a terrific program. I am proud to have been a co-organizer.

Stephen Lerner


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