Interregional Society of Pharmacoepidemiological Researches

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Interregional Society of Pharmacoepidemiological Researches

The Interregional Society of Pharmacoepidemiological Researches (ISPR) is a non-profit organization uniting practitioners, scientists, pharmacists, health care providers as well as any other specialists involved in clinical pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, monitoring the usage and the safety of drugs.

ISPR aims at concentrating the attention of the community, health care services, the producers and distributors of pharmaceuticals on studying the usage of drugs in order to improve the quality of therapy, to prevent the complications of drug therapy and irrational drug use.

ISPR is comprised of regional chapters and carries out its activities throughout the Russian Federation (see Fig.).

ISPR participates in the international projects on pharmacoepidemiology and drug usage as well as organizes its local researches.

ISPR is comprised of working groups which concentrate their attention on particular aspects of drug use.

ISPR conducts the column devoted to pharmacoepidemiology in the medical journal "Clinical Pharmacology and Therapy".

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