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5th European Congress of Chemotherapy and Infection
(October 17-20, 2003, Rhodes, Greece)

43rd Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
(September 14-17, 2003, Chicago, IL)

  • General public and antimicrobials: Current state of knowledge in Russia
    L.S. Stratchounski, S.A. Ratchina, I.V. Andreeva
    The PDF format poster (2.61 Mb)

13th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) (10-13 May, 2003, Glasgow, UK)

  • Current trends in antibiotic prophylaxis in colorectal surgery in Russian hospitals
    A. Bedenkov, A. Larchenko, V. Pleshkov, A. Bazarov, L. Stratchounski
    The PDF format poster (3.58 Mb)
  • Incidence of sepsis and septic shock in various hospital wards (results of the epidemiological survey of the multicenter study «IRIS»)
    L. Stratchounski, D. Galkin, R. Kozlov
    The PDF format poster (3.78 Mb)

GPs knowledge of etiology and treatment of acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis (AECB)
S. Ratchina, S. Kozlov
Pattern of drug prescribing in outpatient adults with acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis
L. Stratchounski, S. Ratchina, S. Kozlov, O. Karpov, S. Nedogoda, N. Domnikova, R. Lihatcheva, V. Kuzin, I. Leschenko
Cost Assessement of 3 Antibacterial Regimens for Treatment of Febrile Neutropenia
A. Bedenkov
Utilization of antibiotics in a university teaching hospital
A. Bedenkov, A. Andreeva, D. Galkin, L. Stratchounski


Patterns of Macrolides Prescribing In Outpatient Pediatric Departments in Russia
L. Stratchounski, S. Ratchina, A. Bedenkov, S. Kozlov
Antimicrobials prescription in outpatient children with acute respiratory tract infections in Russia
L. Stratchounski, S. Ratchina, S. Kuznetzova, L. Ziganshina, A. Harchev
Antimicrobial consumption in polyvalent intensive care unit
A. Bedenkov, A. Andreeva, D. Galkin, R. Smaznov
Prevalence of antibiotics among Russian non-medical population - result of prospective pharmacoepidemiological study
I. Andreeva, S. Ratchina, N. Petrotchenkova, D. Galkin, A. Demin, V. Kuzin, S. Kuznetzova, R. Lihatcheva, S. Nedogoda, E. Ornetberg, V. Chudyakova, L. Stratchounski
Patterns of drug prescribing in adults with acute otitis media and acute sinusitis (AS)
S. Kozlov, A. Belikov, E. Kamanin
Antimicrobials prescription pattern in outpatient adults with community-acquired pneumonia
S. Ratchina, S. Kozlov, L. Stratchounski
Self-purchasing of antibiotics by Russian towns-people
L. Stratchounski, I. Andreeva, S. Ratchina, D. Galkin, N. Petrochenkova, A. Demin, V. Kuzin, S. Kuznetsova, R. Likhatcheva, S. Nedogoda, E. Ortenberg, A. Belikov, I. Toropova
The Inventory of Antibiotics in Home Medicine Cabinets - the Results of Russian Nation-Wide Study
L. Stratchounski, I. Andreeva, S. Ratchina

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